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Interior Decorator Group

The Interior Decorator Group can provide help in a number of ways; including with colour schemes and concepts for interior design, furniture planning, logistics and procurement, as well as internal window blinds, shades and re-used furniture.

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Furniture suppliers part of our framework agreement effective from 24.09.2018 are as follows:

Reusing furniture

The University (UiB) has a strong focus on reusing furniture where possible, we therefore encourage you to contact the Interior Decorator Group to find out if there are any suitable furniture in storage, prior to purchasing new items.

We have also created a Teams-group where departments, faculties and units at UiB can swap unused furniture between themselves, and we advice you to take a look here as well.

Purchase of furniture valued below 100,000,- NOK ex. VAT.

Where the purchase of furniture is estimated to a cost below 100.000,- NOK ex. VAT one can freely choose between the UiB suppliers covered by the framework agreement. The suppliers can be contacted directly with requests and they may assist you by providing suggestions.

Purchases are placed via the central ordering system Basware PM in either of  two ways; either by using catalogued items available in Basware or by way of 'fritekst'
(Catalogues items will be released onto the system during October / November.)

Purchase of furniture valued above 100,000,- NOK ex. VAT.

In cases where the purchase estimate is above 100.000,- NOK ex. VAT, the users are required to contact and consult the Interior decorator group at EIA for further guidance.

It is advised that where the total amount of items are valued above 500 000,- NOK ex. VAT, a mini competition must be held whereby all suppliers are to be contacted and given the opportunity to tender. To split the purchase with the view to reduce costs below this figure is prohibited.

The Purchasing Department, (alt. the Interiors group at EIA) may assist with conducting these mini competitions.

Orders are placed via the central ordering system, Unit4.

Internal window shades and blinds

If you require new curtains or internal window shades / blinds, you can send a request to gardin@uib.no, and we will forward this request to one of our curtain / window blinds suppliers covered by the UiB framework agreement. The supplier will then make contact to arrange for a site visit and give a cost estimate. Use the general ordering system, Unit4 to place an order.

If your request is regarding (dry) cleaning of curtains we ask you to contact our cleaning facilities manager Anette Blich.