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Work environment survey

At the University of Bergen, there are two different annual workplace assessments that need to be conducted. One focuses on the psychosocial work environment, while the other addresses the physical work environment.

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Work Environment Surveys

All units at UiB are required to conduct an annual systematic assessment of the psychosocial work environment. In the case of reorganizations or other major changes, more frequent assessments may be necessary. Based on the assessment, the unit should facilitate employee participation in designing measures. The goal is to promote a productive and health-promoting work environment for all employees.

Local working environment survey

The local workplace assessment is conducted by sending out an anonymous survey to employees within the unit. The results of the assessment are then discussed in a unit-wide meeting. In years when the university conducts a joint workplace assessment, that assessment will fulfill the requirements for the year it was conducted.

Additionally, there are two supporting documents available for use during the local workplace assessment:

If you have any challenges or need further guidance on conducting the assessment and employee participation for your unit, feel free to reach out to the HR department or the Occupational Health Service. They can provide assistance tailored to your specific needs.

Joint working environment survey

Every three years, a joint working environment survey is conducted at UiB. This survey covers the assessment requirements for all units in the year it is conducted.

The survey involves distributing a common questionnaire, which generates reports. These reports are generated both at the local level and aggregated for higher-level units.

The results from the joint working environment survey are discussed locally in one or more unit-wide meetings.

The website uib.no/famu is used as an information channel in the years when the joint working environment survey is conducted.

Safety Round

safety round is a review of premises, equipment, and work methods to identify hazards related to illness and injury to individuals, objects, and the external environment. It helps identify challenges related to physical, chemical, and ergonomic conditions in the workplace.

At least one safety round should be conducted annually for all units. Sometimes there is a need for more than one, especially during construction projects or in cases of serious deviations.

Special challenges identified during the assessment require a heightened requirement for formal risk assessment.


Checklist for the safety round

A checklist has been prepared in forms that can be duplicated and used locally in connection with safety rounds.

This serves as a background document for the physical safety round and provides a systematic basis as well as documentation of the completed safety round.


When there is a need for measures, it is important to distinguish between immediate actions, conditions that can be addressed within existing frameworks, and longer-term measures.

Measures that need to be preserved for later can be conveniently documented in the local HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) action plan.