The University Gardens

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Pink Rhododendron dauricum flowering in May 2021

The University Gardens are Bergen's three botanical gardens.

The Museum Garden is the tranquil extension to the University Museum's iconic Natural History building in the city centre, and the Arboretum and Botanical Garden occupy an area of stunning natural beauty 23 km south of Bergen centre at Milde.

The gardens staff includes horticulturalists and academics at the University of Bergen (UiB). We curate and develop the collections in support of active research projects at the University Museum, within, and outside UiB. We also maintain landcapes and plants for their own beauty, contribute to conservation efforts by special efforts with endangered species, and cultivate material for use in events, outreach, and teaching. 

Take a break to wander through the green haven of the Museum garden in the middle of the city and attend a lunchtime tour. Or come to Milde and experience nature, lose yourself in the maze at the Botanical Garden, swim at Grønevika, and have an ice cream at our cafe at Blondehuset on Sundays in the summer. Follow us on social media and watch out for our regular special events at all three gardens.

We are open to the visiting public all year round and without entrance fees.


Solar-powered street lamp

At Bergen Botanical Garden you can see a new solar-powered street lamp.

Notes from the field
tractor and wood chopping at the arboretum

Making the gardens ‘green’

I’m interested in seasonality at Arboretet and investigating whether there are any changes to how the gardeners and scientists are relating to seasons.

Invasive species

Tackling invasive skunk cabbage

Species that with human help are spreading outside their natural range are called 'invasive'. Such species are considered one of the greatest threats to biodiversity worldwide.

The University Gardens

UiB in global initiative to prevent species extinctions

“We must pull together as a global community to limit ongoing loss of biodiversity” says Michael Pirie, of UiB’s University Gardens.

Activities in the gardens
stolpejakten 2021

The 'pole hunt' at Milde

Tomorrow marks the launch of our 'pole hunt' at the Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Visit us, explore, and find out something new - and not just on the poles!

Cafe opening times

Blondehuset (Arboretum): Sundays and public holidays 12:00-16:00; Saturdays 11:00-16:00 (only May/June). 

Icookkitchen (Botanic Garden): open daily 11:00-18:00 except Mondays and in stormy weather.