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Meadow at Botanic Garden with ox eye daisy

The University Gardens are Bergen's three botanical gardens.

The Museum Garden is the tranquil extension to the University Museum's iconic Natural History building in the city centre, and the Arboretum and Botanical Garden occupy an area of stunning natural beauty 23 km south of Bergen centre at Milde.

The gardens staff includes horticulturalists and academics at the University of Bergen (UiB). We curate and develop the collections in support of active research projects at the University Museum, within, and outside UiB. We also maintain landcapes and plants for their own beauty, contribute to conservation efforts by special efforts with endangered species, and cultivate material for use in events, outreach, and teaching. 

Take a break to wander through the green haven of the Museum garden in the middle of the city and attend a lunchtime tour. Or come to Milde and experience nature, lose yourself in the maze at the Botanical Garden. Follow us on social media and watch out for our regular special events at all three gardens.

We are open to the visiting public all year round and without entrance fees.

Soppsankere med kurv på veg mot bordet der soppkontrollen venter

Edible mushrooms checking during working hours

The mushroom season is underway. Although there are good edible mushrooms in the forest, there are unfortunately also plenty of poisonous mushrooms, which is why our mushroom experts invite you to a mushroom control during working hours.

Bergen botanical garden
Møbler med insektboliger i

Research on insect-friendly outdoor furniture

Bergen Botanical Garden has received garden furniture with integrated insect hotels in order to research the insect diversity in such furniture.

Brann i flere engangsgriller i en haug

No single-use barbecues at bathing sites

After several cases of fires started from disposable grills at the Grønevika and Sandholna bathing areas, Bergen municipality has now imposed a ban on the use of single-use grills. A communal grill has been set up in Grønevika which is available to all.

University Museum
The afroalpine zone high above the tree line on Mt Elgon in Uganda, dominated by dwarf shrubs and the palm-like forms of giant senecios.

The enigmatic tropical alpine flora on the African sky islands is young, disturbed, and unsaturated

New insights into the evolutionary origins of unique African high mountain botanical diversity published in PNAS.

Forsiden av årets program, bildet viser fjellarve Cerastium alpinum

Programme of events 2022

Join us for exciting and informative events at the Arboretum, Botanic Garden and Museum Garden!

Cafe opening times

Icookkitchen (Botanic Garden): open every Saturday and Sunday from 11-17 (if there is no storm).
Closed at Easter.

Blondehuset café (Arboretum): Sundays 11-15. Saturdays in May/June: 11-15. Other days open: Saturday 2nd of April, Thursday 14th April, Easter Monday 18th April, Thursday 26th May, Monday 6th June.