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Welcome to Bergen botanical garden

- We believe todays most important discussion is how we relate to nature. It doesn't need us, but without it we are nothing.

Bergen Botaniske hage
Adrian Lombardo, Norconsult

Bergen botanical gardenĀ are scientific collections of living plants.

The plants are used in teaching, research, conservation, dissemination and recreation.

The plants come from all over the world and are found in various garden rooms.

We convey knowledge about the diversity of plants and the importance of preserving them. Endangered or vulnerable species in Norwegian nature are taken care of in the Botanical Garden.

Our vision is to create a botanical garden that engages, enlightens and inspires people to appreciate and understand the role of plants in developing a more sustainable world. A garden that produces, conveys and preserves plant knowledge for a future in balance. Knowledge that changes society and people's everyday lives.

Botanical Garden - produces and disseminates knowledge!