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Founded at Milde in 1971, the Arboretum houses living collections of trees and shrubs, especially Rhododendron and roses, from temperate zones across the world

Michael D. Pirie

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A diverse botanical collection in a beautiful natural setting

The collections of the Arboretum are integrated within a varied, in places rugged and partly forested landscape bounded by a stunning coastline and the tranquil inland lake Mørkevatnet (pictured above). Visit us for nature trails, swimming, or for one of our regular themed events.

The focal botanical collections are of Rosaceae (particularly Sorbus and Rosa) and Ericaceae (particularly Rhododendron and Erica). We hold the largest rhododendron collection in the Nordic countries, with around 300 species and 600 cultivars, and Norway's largest rose collection with over 500 varieties. Areas of the Arboretum are used to display shrubs and trees from North America, East Asia and the Southern Hemisphere. We preserve historically important and useful plants of (Western) Norway (e.g. Norwegian Heritage roses), including historic garden plants shown in the garden at “Blondehuset”.

As one of the Bergen University Gardens, we continuously develop the collections in support of active research projects at UiB, contribute to conservation efforts by special efforts with endangered species, and cultivate material for use in events, outreach and teaching.