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Norwegian trees

In the Arboretum there are many collections of exotic trees, but we also display those that are Norwegian through and through

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The collection of Norwegian trees is located at the south end of the Arboretum, on the upper side of the road just outside the walls of Fana Folkehøgskule. A wide selection of wild Norwegian deciduous trees grows here. Some of the trees are relatively old and have stood there from the time long before the arboretum was established. Large oaks are also found in Naustdalen nearby. Oak is a heat-loving tree species that indicates that there are good growth conditions in this part of the arboretum. Another heat-loving species is mistletoe, a semi-parasite that grows in the branches of a hawthorn tree.

The Norwegian trees collection is easily accessible from the road, and is a suitable area for use in teaching school classes or in other pedagogical contexts.

Do also consider a visit there in the spring, but before the leaves of the deciduous trees are out. That's the flowering time for the wind-pollinated tree species. In mid-March, there is a magnificent flowering of spring crocus, and when it is at its finest, the ground for the Norwegian tree collection is colored light blue.