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Plants for the University Gardens are propagated at our glasshouses at the Arboretum

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A large and modern glasshouse is central to the daily work of propagating, maintaining and storing plants in the collections of the Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Milde. The original glasshouse from 1984 was expanded with two new glasshouses in 1991, with a total area today of 1200 m².

The glasshouses are divided into 11 large and small rooms / departments, adapted to the different needs and functions we have at all times.

The most important purpose of the glasshouse is the propagation and renewal of the collections, both for our own displays and for distribution to other botanical gardens. The glasshouses are also used for research and teaching, and to house non-winter-hardy collections such as those of begonias, pelargoniums, dahlias, etc. that are kept as part of our project for securing genetic resources in Norway.