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"Icookpopup" is the new cafe at Bergen Botanical Garden.
Welcome to the decorative greenery sale at Milde. Make a wreath or decorate with winter green from the forest in the Arboretum (just follow the infection control rules and keep your distance)
On Thursday 1 October, the City Councilor for Climate, Environment and Urban Development, Thor Hakkon Bakke, will reopen Vågelva after an extensive clean-up. Now we welcome sea trout back to Vågelva to spawn.
The rhododendron collection in Nydalen has received new signs with QR codes. More collections will follow.
The mushroom season is underway in many places, and many will use their free time to harvest the field's crops. Although there are not that many mushrooms in the Arboretum yet, we have started mushroom control for those who may find mushrooms elsewhere.
The University Gardens have received official accreditation from Botanic Gardens Conservation International as conforming to the highest international standards.
The latest issue of our Norwegian-language in-house journal Årringen is now available.
The cafe will be open again on Sundays (and some Saturdays) from 14th June to the end of September.
The main evolutionary lineages of cinquefoils are investigated in this recently published open access article from the Rosaceae Evolution research group at the University of Bergen.
The gardens remain open, but in the interests of public safety many of our events are no longer taking place.
That trees like spruce and hemlock are uprooted in the Arboretum is not that important, but it is much worse when the storm takes a big bite out of the valuable collection of robles (Nothofagus). The valley of robles is now a shadow of its former self.
The season in the Alpine Garden is long and varied, from the first spring bulbs in late winter to the last flowering in late autumn. But especially now, in the early part of the summer, there is always something worth seeing, particularly when the new perennials have been planted out and the collections are complete.
Welcome to an exhibition in Blondehuset about the botany of Christmas. Here, the plants – the botany are the centre of attention.
It may be challenging to get an idea of the lie of the land along walking paths and trails far into the woods of the Arboretum. But from now on it will be a lot easier – new signs will make it more attractive for visitors to go for a woodland walk and find their way back again.
This year, the collection of species rhododendrons is in a very different state compared to previous years. The plants are in their protective winter coats, still holding back the seasonal development as long as the night frost is refusing to let go of its grip – and it’s all good.
Every winter some of the trees are cut down to make room for new plantings both in the Arboretum and in the Botanical Garden. This wood is for sale and can be collected at the Arboretum.
At Easter, the opening of the café kicks off the summer season at the Arboretum and Botanical Garden.