The University Gardens
The University Gardens

Advent in the University Gardens

Now in the Advent season, we have various exhibitions in all our gardens

F. E. Køhler

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The museum garden

In the Museum Garden, we have set up the Christmas ball in the old part of the garden. Here you can take this year's Christmas selfie.

Under the balustrade we have an exhibition of different types of Christmas trees.

When we decorate the house, or on the graves for Christmas, we largely use material made of wintergreen conifers from the nearby forest. But which properties of the evergreen plants do we take advantage of at Christmas?

Bergen Botanical Garden

In Archimedes' labyrinth, there is a poster exhibition with Christmas spices and Christmas cake recipes that go with the spices.

Christmas cookies have something in common no matter what kind you bake, it is the same Christmas spices in different combinations that are repeated in the different pastries. The Christmas spices are familiar to most of us, but do we really know which plant they come from – and which part of the plant?

The Arboretum

An exhibition of Christmas botany has been set up in the Lace House.

We welcome you to a slightly different Christmas exhibition. Here, it is the plants – the botany – that are in focus. We want with this exhibition
put the spotlight on our classic Christmas plants, and tell a little about what they really are and where they come from.

Merry Christmas from everyone at the University Gardens