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The Museum at the World Congress of Malacology
The mushroom season is underway. Although there are good edible mushrooms in the forest, there are unfortunately also plenty of poisonous mushrooms, which is why our mushroom experts invite you to a mushroom control during working hours.
Bergen Botanical Garden has received garden furniture with integrated insect hotels in order to research the insect diversity in such furniture.
A project on poorly known molluscs funded by The Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative (Artsdatabanken)
Investigating the diversity and evolution of Smaragdinella snails
After several cases of fires started from disposable grills at the Grønevika and Sandholna bathing areas, Bergen municipality has now imposed a ban on the use of single-use grills. A communal grill has been set up in Grønevika which is available to all.
New insights into the evolutionary origins of unique African high mountain botanical diversity published in PNAS.
New Rhododendron cultivar named in honour of 25th anniversary of the Norwegian Rhododendron Society.
The University Museum of Bergen won the prestigious European Museum Award for the way they receive the public.
The research portal sciencenorway.no has visited the Borgund Kaupang Project and published an article on our efforts
GCC Erica paper sets out challenges and a plan of action for conserving the wealth of species in biodiversity hotspots.
There are 15 'stolper' - way-point poles - to hunt down at the University Gardens at Milde this year, set out in cooperation with Stolpejakten Bergen Sør.
It's time to repaint Blondehuset's exterior.
Easter is just around the corner and it's time to decorate both outside and inside.
In the Visions of the Artic project, professor of anthropology Knut Mikjel Rio at the University Museum of Bergen will research Arctic indigenous peoples’ portrayals of their own history, compared to the nation states’ portrayal of the minority populations.
Are you interested in plants, nature and horticulture? Do you like working outdoors? We need extra help for our plant collections. Application deadline 25th February.
Join us for exciting and informative events at the Arboretum, Botanic Garden and Museum Garden!