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Sea slugs of southern Norway kicks off with a field trip to Drøbak, Oslo fjord
Cessa Rauch concluded her PhD on sea slugs kleptoplasty in April 2018 at the University of Dusseldorf and has now joined the research team of our Norwegian sea slug project
Justine Siegwald will study deep sea diversity and speciation at the University Museum during the next 4-years
Dr Sara Castillo from the University of Vigo, Spain visits the Museum
Fieldtrip to Mozambique (Nuarro, October 2017)
New project on the sea slugs from southern Norway receives funding from Artsdatabanken
Sampling on the periphery of the coral triangle
Collaborative work between the University of Rostock and the Natural History Museum of Bergen
Andrea successfully defended her PhD on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the headshield slugs
At least eight million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year. A new exhibition at the University Museum of Bergen tells the story about the whale that showed the world how damaging plastic pollution is.
Dr Carlo Cunha from Brazil visits the Natural History Museum to study the Anaspidea collection
A sick goose-beaked whale was found on the west coast of Norway. Its stomach was filled eith 30 plastic bags, and many smaller pieces of plastic. The whale was emaciated, and scientists believe that the plastic had gathered in such an amount in its stomach that it had created a plug, stopping the digestive process.
Dr Moles visits the Natural History Museum of Bergen
A systematic review of the tropical Indo-West Pacific genus Phanerophthalmus unravels 10 new species to Science
Samples of gastropods collected along West Africa during the Nansen Project between 2005–2012 turn out to be new species to Science
Recently published article by Museum staff in collaboration with Dr Akanbi Williams from the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research sheds light on the taxonomy of Cellana limpets from West Africa
The Natural History Museum of Bergen delegates to the World Congress of Malacology last July 2016 that took place at the UNESCO World Heritage City of Penang, Malaysia. From left to right: Christiane Todt, Jennifer Austin, Manuel Malaquias