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“Den teatrale illusjon”, a new, topical book on scenography in a historical and current perspective, is now available. The book will be launched on Wednesday 9 September at the Cultural History Collections.
What do we find of old garden roses along the Norwegian coast? At an international convention in Vancouver this summer, Per Harald Salvesen from Bergen Museum gave a lecture of an exciting project about heritage roses.
On Wednesday 13 May, the exhibition BLING opened at Bryggens Museum – about jewellery and other things in the Middle Ages. BLING is a result of collaboration among Bergen City Museum, Bergen Museum, and other specialist communities on the Middle Ages, designers, and students in upper secondary schools.
Bergen Museum, Bergen Maritime Museum, and Bergen City Museum invite you to a cultural heritage experience on the occasion of the celebration of the Norwegian Year of Cultural Heritage 2009
" Plants and culture – about trends and development in European horticulture and the use of plants". This is the title of an exhibition open to visitors at Realfagsbygget ( Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences). Exhibition period: From 16 April to 2 June.
The University of Bergen wishes to offer consolidating and contemporary science communication in a renovated, splendid building at Muséplass 3. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage praises the restoration plans.
A former student of Bergen Museum, Dr Maxwell Billah, who discovered the fruit fly Bactrocera invadens and saved millions of fruit trees in Africa, was recently recognised for his contribution to taxonomy.
Sunday 26th April Bergen Museum welcomes you to the Museum Garden to discover how nature wakes up again after a long winter. The Museum Green House is open and you can join guided tours both there and in the garden.
Two Egyptian mummies, a woman and a man, from Bergen Museum have now been treated in the CT-scanner at the Haukeland University Hospital. This gave many new results and surprises for researchers. Also a mummified crocodile and a cat were sent to x-ray treatment.
The new, permanent exhibition "Pollen – so small – so great" at the Natural History Collections was opened to the public on Sunday 30 November. We invite you to peer into a fascinating micro world that is otherwise only visible through a microscope.