University Museum of Bergen

Egyptian Sunday 14 April

What was life really like in Ancient Egypt? Listen to the stories about mummies, daily life, and belief systems. Be fascinated by Egypt’s perfumes and scents as well as culinary experiences. On Sunday next, the University Museum is hosting Ancient Egyptian Day.

Main content

In collaboration with the Norwegian Egyptology Society, the University Museum invites you to Egyptian Sunday on 14 April. You will then get an opportunity to take part in activities and listen to lectures. In addition, you will have a chance to taste culinary titbits from ancient Egypt.
: Sunday 14 April 12.00-16.00
LOCATION: The Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligs plass 10


Children’s workshop: How to make a scarab amulet. Get to know more about the Egyptians’ perfumes and fragrances.


12.30: Synnøve Thue: Digital Egyptology. Use of new technologies in Egyptian archaeology.
13.15: Siri Kleppe. The goddess Isis of Antiquity.

14.00: Pål Steiner: From Isis and Horus to Maria and Jesus: A modern myth or science?

1445: Mummification ritual - how was it performed?
15.15: Culinary titbits from Ancient Egypt will be served.

Contact persons

Pål Steiner, 55 58 25 78 Pal.Steiner@ahkr.uib.no
Eli Kristine Økland Hausken, 481 33 749 - 55 58 93 63 Eli.Hausken@um.uib.no