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This weekend is your last chance to see the Doctor Proctor exhibition. On Monday 3 June, the exhibition will be taken down. What about combining a museum visit with a visit to the Museum Garden in the wonderful weather we’re having right now?
Who eats museum objects? How are skins for collections prepared? How do we take care of paintings, Viking swords, Arabian coins, mammals, fossils, textiles, and the like? Enter the exciting world of conservation.
This year, the collection of species rhododendrons is in a very different state compared to previous years. The plants are in their protective winter coats, still holding back the seasonal development as long as the night frost is refusing to let go of its grip – and it’s all good.
What was life really like in Ancient Egypt? Listen to the stories about mummies, daily life, and belief systems. Be fascinated by Egypt’s perfumes and scents as well as culinary experiences. On Sunday next, the University Museum is hosting Ancient Egyptian Day.