University Museum of Bergen

Last chance to see Dr. Proctor exhibition

This weekend is your last chance to see the Doctor Proctor exhibition. On Monday 3 June, the exhibition will be taken down. What about combining a museum visit with a visit to the Museum Garden in the wonderful weather we’re having right now?

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Doctor Proctor’s Sensational Collection of Animals You Wish Didn’t Exist (D.D.S.Ø.I.F.) is an extraordinary exhibition for children aged 5 to 105, which lets you get up close with fantasy animals and creatures which up until today have remained undiscovered and hidden to the public. Some of the animals are funny- and strange-looking creatures. A lot of them are rather nasty, like the enormous Mongolian water vole, the scheming Rev Constrictor, the three metre tall and cruel Moon Chameleon, the fruit animal Ananus, and many more.