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Bergen Museum’s travelling exhibition "Deeper than Light" has now toured several countries. See how the Danes presented it.
The restoration work on the outer surfaces of the Natural History Collections, Museplass 3, has now been completed. From 22 February, the majority of the exhibitions will once again be open to the public, until the next phase of the restoration work starts.
Who were the unknown craftsmen who produced head adornments, shoes, combs, vessels, glass, and other types of equipment in common use in the Middle Ages? Who were the equipment and utensils made for, and who were the tradespeople who transported them between the south and the north of Europe?
Are you interested in plants, nature and horticulture? We are looking for seasonal workers for the summer 2011, for varied tasks in our plant collections.
Bergen Museum, Section for Cultural Heritage Management, currently announces jobs in connection with archaeological fieldwork for 2011. Persons interested must complete an application form by 18 February.