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Have you ever seen the skeletons in the Whale Hall shining out of the dark? Ever wondered what the Museum might look like when the lights are turned off? On Wednesday evening, we welcome you to this year’s «Night at the Museum» in the Natural History Collections. Keep in mind that during the winter school holiday you can also visit the daytime events, the medal workshop and Doctor Proctor, at the... Read more
The winter school holiday at the Museum next week offers an exciting programme including a medal workshop and the popular “Doctor Proctor Exhibition” in the Cultural History Collections, and at the Natural History Collections, in the evening of Wednesday 27 February, the scene is once again set for a “Night at the Museum”.
Street lights influence the length of the activity period of passerine birds in winter. A study carried out in Bergen by Ingvar Byrkjedal, Terje Lislevand, and Stefanie Vogler shows a significant nocturnal activity in European Robin, Common Blackbird, Eurasian Wren, and also, to a certain extent, night-time activity in Blue Tits and Great Tits.
On Friday 8 February you can meet the fabulous animals of Doctor Proctor’s universe based on Jo Nesbø’s books. This is the opening day of the exhibition "Doctor Proctor’s Sensational Collection of Animals You Wish Didn’t Exist. In connection with the opening weekend event, you can hunt for and even create your own version of the scary animal "The Fright of the Museum".