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The season in the Alpine Garden is long and varied, from the first spring bulbs in late winter to the last flowering in late autumn. But especially now, in the early part of the summer, there is always something worth seeing, particularly when the new perennials have been planted out and the collections are complete.
The University Museum’s collection of runes is rich. Inscription of runes are found on weapons, tools, jewellery, combs, gold bracteates and amulets. In the Nordic countries and England, runes have also been found on memorial stone monuments. In Norway, runes from later periods are also found in stave churches.
With the exhibition "We 1814 – 2014" the general public is invited to the Museum to debate constitutional values like welfare, equal rights, democracy, and other key values that we hold in high regard and that we gradually have taken for granted. But should we?
Colonisation – what is it really? Researchers have been working on this concept for a long time, and the Museum will now, in our own way, shed light on some of the aspects around it in this new exhibition..