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This is the theme that researcher Hilde Inntjore addresses in her lecture, which is the first one out in this spring’s series related to the Museum’s exhibition Fragments of the Past.
On Wednesday evening 29th February, the University Museum of Bergen has organised a jam-packed programme in both Museum buildings: "Night at the Museum" and a Lecture on soul-saving gifts in the Middle Ages. There will be something to suit audiences of all ages.
The University Museum, both The Natural and Cultural Collections, will be closed on Friday 24th February.
The Director of the University Museum of Bergen, Christoffer Schander has died after a short period of illness. He was only 51 years old when he died.
People living in Bergen in the Middle Ages loved entertainment and good literature, and a glass or two. At the same time the church warned of judgment day after death. By setting out on a pilgrimage, one could make up for one’s sins and see the world.