University Museum of Bergen

The Natural History Collections reopens

The restoration work on the outer surfaces of the Natural History Collections, Museplass 3, has now been completed. From 22 February, the majority of the exhibitions will once again be open to the public, until the next phase of the restoration work starts.

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Exhibitions now on view

  • Two new travelling exhibitions: Monasteries ( in cooperation with Bryggens Museum) and Meteorites: Messages from Space ( Natural History Museum, Oslo)
  • Newly refurbished exhibitions: Systematic Botany ( design: Anne Aspen, project leader: Mary Losvik), The Fossil Room ( design: Anne Aspen, project leader Øystein J. Jansen)
  • Our permanent exhibitions: Pollen – so tiny – so great, Geology and the Mineral Collection, Exotic mammals, Knuckles and Bones, Norwegian Birds, Exotic Birds, and Colonial Times (temporary)


The Whale Hall will remain closed

The Museum’s unique collections of whale skeletons are now being secured and cleaned, and the Whale Hall will therefore remain closed to the public until March 2012.

The newly renovated museum building – what will it contain?

Parts of the building, which is Norway’s first, big museum building from 1865, are listed. This applies also to some of its historic exhibitions. The renovation must take into consideration both the historic character and atmosphere of the building, while at the same time changing it into a functional and modern museum building. It will contain historic as well as new exhibitions, an auditorium and meeting room, a place to eat, a shop, and modern facilities for teaching, dissemination, guests and visitors.