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Welcome to Archaeology Day

What was life like in the Stone Age, what did people eat, and what tools did they use? What did the ancient Egyptians think about life after death?

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The work of archaeologists gives us answers to a lot of questions, but also raises many new ones. This coming Sunday, you can learn more about it. Because that is when Archaeology Day takes place at the University Museum.

TIME: Sunday 17 March 12.00-15.00
LOCATION: University Museum of Bergen, The Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligspl. 10

  • Try your hand at being an archaeologist and make a discovery in the dig box.
  • Learn to hunt like Stone Age people.
  • Something that will be tasty to people today? – try real Stone Age soup.
  • Try an ancient craft: Needle-binding
  • How to interpret a burial find …. Or a rock carving? – Try it yourself.
  • Join a guided tour of our Stone Age, Viking Age, and Ancient Egypt exhibitions.

Contact persons:
Margareth Hosøy, 906 20 138
Jo Høyer, 55 58 91 50 – 95 11 92 16