University Museum of Bergen

Deeper than light is back at the University Museum

Having travelled in a total of 11 countries and 17 different cities, the Museum’s travelling exhibition Deeper than light has now returned to Bergen. It will open on Friday 7 June at the Natural History Collections.

Main content

Deeper than light is based upon the results from the international research project MAR-ECO and the material from the deep-sea cruise with the RV G.O. Sars along The Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 2004. All material from this cruise has now been prepared and is stored in the marine collections at the University Museum. Combined with other material, the University Museum now has one of the largest marine deep sea collections in the world.

Travelling internationally

Deeper than light has up until now been shown in 11 land, in 17 different museums, aquariums, and science centres in the following cities: Geneva, Helsinki, Paris (UNESCO), Porto, Aberdeen, Valencia, Århus, Essen, Lennestadt, Stockholm, Washington DC. In Norway, the exhibition has been shown in Oslo, Tromsø, Ålesund, Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Bergen. The date for the opening this weekend has been scheduled to coincide with the international celebration of World Ocean Day. The exhibition will remain open until November 2013.
Find out more about the  exhibition and the MAR-ECO project on the museum and project web pages. See how the Danes at the Natural History Museum of Denmark presented the exhibition and the life in the deep sea in this video presentation of the exciting life of the deep sea.

Keeping up-to-date on the dissemination of research

Another important part of the MAR-ECO project was the concurrent dissemination of the research work to a wider, international audience. The deep sea world and this exciting project have fascinated a wide, international audience through various TV programs, films, books, educational programmes, web pages, international media reports, computer games, art projects, events, lectures, concerts, and not least, through the exhibition itself, Deeper than light.
The MAR-ECO project was finalised in 2010, but the exhibition is still running. Don’t miss this chance to explore the incredible world down on the furthest depths. Welcome to the Museum.