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Interdisciplinary climate research
Illustrations for the Climate Narratives prosjekt.

Climate stories from Greenland to Fiji

The ice is melting in Greenland, revealing new areas of land. At the same time, areas of land on the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean are being swallowed up as the sea level rises. An interdisciplinary project called ClimateNarratives will look at these connections and consequences and place...

The river Nile

Discussing the frontlines of water at the United Nations

The University of Bergen’s proposal for a side event at the 2023 UN Water Conference has been chosen from among 1,300 submitted proposals as one of 200 official side events inside the UN headquarters. A small delegation is heading to New York for the conference.

New Paper | TMS Starting Grant
Willem Godert Maria van der Bilt

TMS-supported volcano research published in Nature Communications

Can CT scanning be used to better determine the magnitude of past volcanic eruptions? The answer is a resounding yes, according to a new study in Nature Communications by Willem van der Bilt with colleagues.

Illustrasjonsfoto TikTok på telefon.

UiB advise against TikTok and Telegram

UiB follows the recommendations of the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) with regard to the use of TikTok and Telegram, and advises against installing these applications on work devices.

Horizon 2020 | Refugee policy
Hakan G. Sicakkan PROTECT konferanse

Bringing recommendations on refugee protection to policymakers in Brussels

The international research project PROTECT has produced a set of policy recommendations on how to improve refugee protection. At an upcoming conference in Brussels, the recommendations will be showcased to leading figures within policymaking and civil society.

Logo for the UN 2023 Water Conference

Exploring new UN avenues at Water Conference

For the UN 2023 Water Conference, the University of Bergen sent a small delegation to the United Nations in New York to map and explore the future of the science-policy nexus. On this page, we have collected information on UiB's presence at the conference.

Discovery of 80 000 year old bone tools from SA. Pictures showing experimental methods to find out how the tools were used.

UiB scientists discover 80 000-year-old bone tools

An international team of archaeologists, led by a UiB scientist, has identified the oldest bone tools from southern Africa. The tools are 60,000 to 80,000 years old and were likely used for debarking trees and to dig into the ground.

Portrett av Eystein Jansen

Eystein Jansen elected Vice President of the ERC

Climate scientist Eystein Jansen has been elected Vice President of the European Research Council (ERC). He is the first Norwegian researcher to join the leadership of the elite division for European research.

Participants SDG14 event in Cape Town as part of the One Ocean Expedition.

Bringing sustainable development to ocean science education

How do we transform the ocean science education of the future? In what way must teaching change to encompass this? These were a couple of the key questions discussed during a three-day event in Cape Town in mid-January 2023 as part of the One Ocean Expedition.