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Children of fathers who smoked in their early teens have a greater risk of developing asthma, obesity and low lung function, new research from the University of Bergen and the University of Southampton shows.
Marine microbiologist Lise Øvreås loves the Atacama Desert in Chile for its unique biological and geological features, enjoys getting into the groove with Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, and was introduced to the wonders of magic realism when reading Isabelle Allende’s The House of the Spirits.
The UNESCO World Heritage city of Cusco leaves public health researcher Gaby Ortiz-Barreda speechless and she recommends everyone to read Nobel Literature Prize laureate Mario Vargas Llosa’s The Feast of the Goat. When she cooks the Peruvian flagship dish ceviche, it evokes in her the longing for her family – in particular her mother.
In the Nordic countries, tens of thousands of pages from liturgical books from the Middle Ages have been preserved. An international network of researchers has formed around the materials.
Traversing European Coastlines (TREC) is a continent-wide expedition addressing environmental challenges along the coasts of Europe. On their northernmost stop, the team was based at the Espegrend Marine Biological Station, hosted by the University of Bergen.
Political scientist Leiv Marsteintredet points at how democracy in Latin America and Europe are linked, bemoans Norwegians who romanticise revolutions and urges everyone to visit Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, both for its colonial history but not the least to grab a cold beer in front of Museo de Casas Reales.
Professor Preben Aavitsland at the Pandemic Center is head of two international committees appointed by WHO's Director-General to advise WHO on how the covid-19 pandemic and mpox-outbreak should be handled in the coming years.
The discovery of the researchers at the University of Bergen and University of Oslo shed new light on the connection between the brain and our gut.
SapienCE scientist Francesco d’Errico is ranked as number 1 in Social Sciences and Humanities in Norway by Research.com.
Global health researcher Ana Lorena Ruano raves about the active volcanoes in her native Guatemala, loves the short stories of Augusto Monterosso and serves arepas to her guests whilst sipping Guatemalan coffee and Zapaca rum, the best in the world according to her.
Historian Ernesto Semán recommends a visit to Buenos Aires for its energy, raves about Chilean TV series Los ’80, waxes lyrical about the mountains of Latin America, and bakes medialunas, an Argentine version of croissants, for his guests.
The bi-weekly podcast series ‘Off Center’, hosted by Scott Rettberg, Director of the Center for Digital Narrative, has launched. Read more about it and find out where you can listen to the podcast.