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On 30 May 2014, the Academia Europaea Hub Region Bergen was opened. The hub will provide the national academies of science and letters in Norway with a European partner in Bergen.
Even a healthy organisation can experience corruption, but this does not suggest that it is rotten to the core. The question is how the organisation handles the situation, suggests anti-corruption specialist and law scholar Tina Søreide.
Alcohol and famine contributed to the potato’s popularity. For 250 years this root vegetable has saved Norwegians from hunger and scurvy. Not even modern diet fads, such as various low-carb diets, can wean the average Norwegian off the humble spud.
Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie founded Bergen Museum. An educational trip through central Europe provided him with inspiration to establish the museum.
Despite a dislike for being in the limelight, Eystein Jansen has succeeded in putting Bergen’s climate research environment on the world map.