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Doctorate graduates from 25 different countries received their diplomas at Håkonshallen in Bergen on 29 August.
More than 40 per cent of the doctorates conferred at the University of Bergen in the spring semester 2014 were international students. A total of 116 doctorates were granted in the semester.
The new Centre on Law & Social Transformation officially opened on 22 August and is to be a dynamo for interdisciplinary research on law as an instrument of social change.
Professor Shabo Talay leads a project that has received a 450,000 Euro grant to secure the future of the Aramaic language Turoyo.
Close to 140,000 Europeans have died as a direct result of heat waves since the turn of the millennium. Heat waves are now regarded by the United Nations as a climate-related disaster.
The University of Bergen keeps its position among the 300 best universities in the world, according to the prestigious Shanghai Ranking.
A recent study from the University of Bergen shows that 8.3 per cent of the Norwegian work force is addicted to work to the point where it becomes a health issue.
Hundreds of new students were welcomed to UiB and Bergen by Rector Dag Rune Olsen in central Bergen on 12 August 2014.
What roles do diets and genetics play in the development of obesity and diabetes?
How is earth connected to space? That is one of the questions the researchers at the Birkeland Centre for Space Science are trying to answer.
Norwegian emigrants have long traditions of making it in China. But what is needed to succeed in modern China?
Climate change threatens world food supplies. UiB researcher Birgit Kopainsky uses simulators to see how these changes affect food systems. She hopes her research can help predict future food crises.
Young researcher Michał Pilipczuk has solved a 20 year-old mathematical riddle. His work can help computers make better choices. It also brought him the 2013 Meltzer Award for young researchers.
Taking your mobile phone, tablet or computer to bed is a bad idea if you want a good night’s sleep.
When the Norwegian Constitution was adopted in 1814 it represented a dramatic break from the absolute monarchy and aristocratic privilege of the past.
The premature death from cancer of a close friend and colleague, made Agnete Engelsen even more determined to find a way to cure this devastating disease.
The salmon louse has become ever more resistant to drugs. The Sea Lice Research Centre in Bergen works to find new solutions to fight the louse.
Media City Bergen is a proposed media cluster that is to open in 2017. UiB’s contribution to the cluster is a centre for innovative journalism – the Bergen Journalism Lab.