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Often when Indian and Nepalese children are breastfed, they suffer from vitamin B12 deficit. This can slow down the development of the infants’ brain, according to UiB research.
Private security companies take over public services in an ever more risk averse world. But is this security we may end up paying dearly for?
UiB has teamed up with universities in South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda to develop the meteorological capacity of the three countries.
The British historian Michael Cook is awarded ‘the Nobel Prize of the arts, humanities and social sciences’. Terje Lohndal is the youngest recipient ever to be awarded the Nils Klim Prize.
The Meltzer Research Fund Awards were announced on 7 March, for excellence in research and for young researchers. This year there was also time for the honorary award for excellence in research, which was awarded to Professor Kenneth Hugdahl.
Infants who are breastfed by HIV positive mothers are not infected by HIV if they are treated with certain medicines, according to new research at the University of Bergen with partners.
How does climate change influence the growth and spreading of malaria in Africa? This question is at the core of climate and malaria expert Torleif Markussen Lunde’s work.