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Space research at the University of Bergen has been awarded with one of the most prestigious grants in Europe. Nikolai Østgaard is the man looking for GRBs in thunderclouds.
A team of scientists has revealed that the enigmatic marine penis worms (priapulids) develop their intestine just like humans, fish or starfish do.
The boundaries between global and local were blurred when music artists started using social media, according to a new book.
Insomnia and sleep apnoea are turning us into major health service consumers, causing us to be less productive at work, and may even lead to serious accidents.
Who receives medical care when resources are scarce? To make those hard decisions, researchers at UiB have worked on a guide with the World Health Organization.
As one of the world’s leading aquaculture nations, Norway has an international obligation to improve health conditions for salmon, according to Frank Nilsen. He is Professor of Biology and head of the Sea Lice Research Centre in Bergen.