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Fewer Norwegians have suffered from cardiovascular disease in the past decade. The exception are women with low education, who have seen an increase.
An increase in world trade led to the initial regulation of the sea. Now changes in climate and the environmental create a need for new regulations.
Tradition and community are important ingredients as part of the renewed interest in micro-brewing and local food culture.
The SEAT research project wants to help consumers make more ethical choices when purchasing farmed fish products. The researchers hope this can be achieved by creating a dialogue between producers in Asia and consumers in Europe.
WUN is a global research network that focuses on UiB’s priorities of international health and climate research. What’s not to like?
A UiB-hosted research project aims to better understand the relationship between energy production and climate measures. The goal is to give decision-makers better tools to create climate policies that also take into account the world’s growing energy requirements.