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Precipitations lead to the growth of ice caps at the beginning of the last ice age. Researchers have now found how this precipitation was formed. The results may help predict the next ice age.
“Education is the key to lifting more people out of poverty,” says Anne Christine Johannessen, the University of Bergen’s new Vice-Rector for International Affairs.
Adjunct Professor Yenan Bryceson has been awarded the prestigious Anders Jahre Prize for Young Scientists.
May this bring you luck, happiness and prosperity. With this greeting Sigmund Grønmo handed the rector necklace to Dag Rune Olsen.
Jacob Bjerknes, the father of modern weather forecasting, suggested a connection between European weather and temperatures in the North Atlantic. Fifty years later, the Bjerknes Centre in Bergen helps to prove that Bjerknes was right in his prediction.
The Eurasian eagle owl was the symbol of the University of Bergen even before the university was officially established. And it still flies high as the UiB logo.
Nobel prize laureate Herta Müller’s books about life under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu challenge both the limits of language and of reality.
How does greater inequality create dividing lines in society? That is one of the central issues in Professor Bruce Kapferer’s new research project.
Well into the twentieth century, people from the islands outside of Bergen rowed by boat to town and sold fresh fish straight from their boats.
When we humans change the chemistry of the sea, it’s up to the very smallest organisms to clean up after us. The question is whether they can cope with it.
A stir was created when researchers from Bergen discovered the northernmost hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean. But why was this discovery so special?
At Loki’s Castle in the Arctic Ocean, researchers from the University of Bergen (UiB) have discovered a so far unknown world of volcanic activity underwater. They hope that this can become Norway’s new national park.
UiB’s new rector Dag Rune Olsen looks forward to building on the university’s successes in past years. But what are his own plans for taking UiB further?