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A new research school in the geosciences will assemble scholars from several Norwegian educational institutions. The Research Council of Norway supports the school with funding of close to 20 million Norwegian kroner.
Professor Asgeir Sorteberg believes it is a risk to do nothing about climate change. We asked him why we should trust the predictions of climate researchers.
The Centre for Geobiology explore active geothermal springs on the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge. The objective is to find new animal species and examine how mining operations on the seabed will impact on the environment.
John Birks turned 70 in January. In March colleagues from Bergen and abroad honoured him with an anniversary seminar "At the Frontiers of Paleoecology".
Researchers at the University of Bergen have discovered a gene variant that increases the risk of chronic pancreatitis
Marina Warner named as 2015 Holberg Prize Laureate for her work on the analysis of stories and myths.
Professor Emeritus Sverre Håkon Bagge has been awarded the Gad Rausing Award for his research on Europe’s medieval history. He receives one million Swedish kroner as part of the award.
Katrine Vellesen Løken and Harald Barsnes may only be in their early thirties, but have already made their mark in academia. They share the 2014 Meltzer Award for young, gifted researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB).
Professor Trond Markestad is the man who made new-born infants sleep on their backs. Now he wins the Meltzer Award for his outstanding research dissemination.
At the first Ocean Outlook conference, one of several themes discussed was how a decrease in the Atlantic circulation could counteract global warming in the North.