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Professor at the Pandemic Center leads two international committees

Professor Preben Aavitsland at the Pandemic Center is head of two international committees appointed by WHO's Director-General to advise WHO on how the covid-19 pandemic and mpox-outbreak should be handled in the coming years.

Preben Aavitsland
Kjartan Bjelland

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The committees are established on the basis of the International Health Regulations (IHR), which is often called "the global infection control law". The twenty experts in the committees will advise the World Health Organization (WHO) on which recommendations the organization should give to countries around the world to deal with the covid-19 and smallpox outbreaks in the coming years. Such advice has previously been given by two crisis committees, but these were dissolved in May when the two epidemics were no longer considered international public health crises.

M-pox was formerly known as "monkeypox". 

– We are happy that the Pandemic Center's experts can use their knowledge and experience in this way for the benefit of infection control and public health worldwide, says head of the Pandemic Center, Professor Esperanza Diaz.

Preben Aavitsland has been associated with the Pandemic Center since the summer of 2021. He is also specialist director at the Institute of Public Health and during the pandemic was also a municipal doctor in Arendal and Froland.

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