Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

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IGS Department Day

IGS Department Day 20.5.2020

UiB’s COVID-19 Lockdown meant that the Department’s Annual gathering was held virtually via ZOOM rather than face-to-face. Despite this – or maybe because of this – there were up to 100 people attending!

publication prize
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Andrea Melberg won IGS’s Publication Prize for 2019

Five publications were nominated for the Department’s annual award.

Faculty Day 2020
Marte Bjørk, Henriette Aksnes og Nils Erik Gilhus

Faculty Day 2020 - Award Winners

Here are the award winners of Faculty Day 2020!


The corona measures are gradually reduced: UiB- opens its doors to more people

The Norwegian Government has issued new guidelines for further reopening of the University of Bergen´s buildings.

Digital PhD Defence
Pejovic Defence slide 1

A million thanks!!

Overnight March 12-13, UiB became a digital university. This meant everything, even the pinnacle of university study – PhD Defences – went online. The transformation is working - thanks to the concerted efforts of many.