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The Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) undertakes research and research training in a wide spectrum of disciplines including: physiotherapy, occupational medicine, epidemiology, social pharmacy, genetic counselling, statistics, nursing, ethics and general practise.

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PhD Students

Join the Interdisciplinary PhD Course at the Pandemic Centre!

In October, the Pandemic Centre is offering an interdisciplinary course for students on preparedness for health crises. The course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates and master's students and will address a range of exciting issues in collaboration with some of the leading experts at UiB.

Elderly lady with a tablet and headphones.

Centre for Complex Conditions and Ageing (CC.AGE)

Novel technology and high quality care will improve lives for older persons living at home. The Trond Mohn Foundation and the University of Bergen supports SEFAS to create a new Centre for Complex Conditions and Ageing (CC.AGE).


International experts on leprosy gathered in Bergen

UiB is hosting the "Zero Transmission Symposium" this week where researchers working towards zero leprosy are gathered to to discuss recent developments and identify remaining knowledge gaps. Despite ongoing efforts, more than 200,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with the disease annually.

Research education
Group of people walking

Hope, science and summer research school

“There is hope in science and research”, said Rector Margareth Hagen in her welcome address to the one hundred PhD candidates from more than thirty countries taking part in the seventeenth Bergen Summer Research School.

Prativa Basnet

Twin Pregnancies: women’s health and reproduction

On 15/04/2024 Prativa Basnet defends her PhD dissertation titled “Twin Pregnancies: Long-term Maternal Mortality, Birthweight in Subsequent Pregnancy and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Next Generation” at the University of Bergen.