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The Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) undertakes research and research training in a wide spectrum of disciplines including: physiotherapy, occupational medicine, epidemiology, social pharmacy, genetic counselling, statistics, nursing, ethics and general practise.

Foto av gravid mage og hender som holder rundt magen

Having complicated pregnancies increase the risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases

Researchers from University of Bergen have investigated the relation between 40-year-old women’s pregnancy history and later risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases.

New dissertation
Yeneabeba Tilahun Sima - picture dissertation

Caesarean delivery and women’s health—Beyond the incision

Yeneabeba Tilahun Sima defends her PhD on February 22nd, 2024, at the University of Bergen with the thesis: "Caesarean Delivery and Women’s Health: Population-Based Studies: Trends, Offspring Birthweight, Fecundability and Maternal Cardiovascular Disease Mortality".

Simon Øverland

How do we prepare for the future?

Researchers come to Bergen from all over the world to solve global challenges. Simon Øverland has invited some of them to tell us about some solutions for the future.

bilde av stetoskop og to doktorer som står og snakker i bakgrunnen

New research centre aims to find out why we get sick

Through access to unique data and interdisciplinary collaboration, a newly established research centre at UiB aims to understand why people are affected by different cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the central nervous system. The centre has been established with support from the...

Multidisciplinary PHD
Theogene Habumugisha

What happens if we eat less meat when we get older?

As consumers we are often encouraged to limit our intake of red meat and dairy, for the benefit to both our health and to the environment. But what happens if we drop meat when we get older?