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Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS) is part of Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at Faculty of Medicine.

Head of centre is Professor Bettina Husebø.

SEFAS is frequently publishing the latest results from our research and commenting in different media. 

SEFAS is established in cooperation with GC Rieber Funds, and focuses on research, education and implementation, - based on national and international cooperation.


What should we do when the nursing home is burning?

Emergency evacuation of buildings requires fast and effective decision making to be successful, while an adequate number of exits can help mitigate safety risks because smoke and crowded exit routes reduce pedestrian moving speed and may create panic and confusion. For nursing home patients, there...

Lancet Commission

Lancet Commission on the Value of Death

The story of dying in the 21st century is a story of paradox. Bettina Husebø participate in the Lancet Commission on the Value of Death

Fitbit Sense, Oura Ring, and Empatica E4

Measuring the advantages of an active life

The project “ActiveAgeing” will rely on smart technologies and interviews to find out how we can have a better and safer ageing. The project started with a first data collection in Winter 2021 and will begin the second one in Autumn 2022.

News | Annual report
Forside Årsmelding 2021

Annual report for 2021

2021 - ANOTHER YEAR MARKED BY THE PANDEMIC. The restrictions, which were intended to protect the elderly, also affected the health and lives of both the elderly and their relatives. Read about our research results in the annual report.

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Scientific publications

Scientific publications by researchers at Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine.