Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS)

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Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS) is part of Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at Faculty of Medicine.

Head of centre is Professor Bettina Husebø.

SEFAS is established in cooperation with GC Rieber Funds, and focuses on research, education and implementation, - based on national and international cooperation.

Fulbrigth Scholarship
Kjellstadli med to kolleger.

- This stay has provided me with new tools for doing research

SEFAS' PhD student at a six months exchange as Postgraduate Fellow at Yale School of Medicine, Geriatrics.

International student exchange

Medical student from Japan is doing research on data from Norwegian Nursing Homes

Erika Ito is a third year medical student at Tohoku University in Sendai in Japan and as part of her study she is four months in Bergen to do research.

International cooperation

Tohoku University focuses on cognitive training for persons with dementia

SEFAS' collaboration partner, Smart Aging Research Centre, is doing several studies to test the effect of brain training to improve the cognitive ability for persons with dementia and other groups for elderly people.

International cooperation

User involvement is the future

- We train our doctors to ask the patient what matters to them

The robot Pepper supports patients at Japanese Nursing Homes.

Handling elder boom with robots

Japan´s elderly people constitute a growing proportion of the population. Norway will face this same situation within 20 years. As Japan is solving the challenge by increasing the use of robots, Norway is tending to focus on conversation and personal contact, says Professor Bettina S. Husebø at SEFAS.