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The project “ActiveAgeing” will rely on smart technologies and interviews to find out how we can have a better and safer ageing. The project starts with data collection in Autumn 2021.
Professor Bettina Husebø at SEFAS is one of several editors in a new journal aiming to promote research on pain among people with dementia.
Each year, Verenso, the Dutch association of elderly care physicians, awards an elderly care physician (in training) for a recently published article: the ‘Jan Stoop Price’. This year, Paulien van Dam won this prize for her article ‘Quality of life and pain medication use in persons with advanced dementia living in long-term care facilities’.
In our annual report we write about ongoing and future research related to the Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS).
I årsmeldingen presenterer SEFAS siste nytt fra all pågående forskning de er involvert i.
The government launched six promises for better womens's health on the international women's day 8 March 2019, which promises equally good health care regardless of gender.
Regjeringen lanserte på kvinnedagen i 2019 seks løfter for bedre kvinnehelse. Løftene fokuserer på lik tilgang til helsetjenester uavhengig av kjønn.
15. oktober ble det arrangert PhD seminar ved SEFAS, med gjester fra Tohoku University i Japan og Leiden University i Nederland.
The Faculty of Medicine organized an international conference on brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's at the University of Bergen's Brussels Office.
Samuel Massie and grandfather Arne Ulvolden from the TV2 series "Samuel and grandfather" become co-researchers in the BetterAge research project, led by University of Bergen professor Bettina Husebø.
Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Psychology have been in Japan to expand and intensify UiB's focus on Asian research collaboration.
LIVE@Home.Path - a new, innovative and multi-disciplinary study, focusing on home-dwelling persons with dementia.
Our highlights from research, international collaboration and dissemination.
SEFAS' PhD student at a six months exchange as Postgraduate Fellow at Yale School of Medicine, Geriatrics.
Erika Ito is a third year medical student at Tohoku University in Sendai in Japan and as part of her study she is four months in Bergen to do research.
SEFAS' collaboration partner, Smart Aging Research Centre, is doing several studies to test the effect of brain training to improve the cognitive ability for persons with dementia and other groups for elderly people.
- We train our doctors to ask the patient what matters to them
SEFAS has started our new RCN-financed Project LIVE@Home.Path aimed at improving the quality of time spend at home for persons with dementia.