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Bettina Husebø is editor in new journal on pain and dementia

Professor Bettina Husebø at SEFAS is one of several editors in a new journal aiming to promote research on pain among people with dementia.

Bettina Husebø
Anne Sidsel Herdlevær

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The number of people with dementia is increasing, and these persons are at greater risk of experiencing pain from complex and chronic disease states.These can be, for instance, muscular and neurological conditions, cardiovascular disease or cancer. 

Although painful conditions are more prevalent among this group, it can be more difficult to communicate the experience of the pain because many of the patients also have a cognitive impairment.

The journal "Pain and Dementia" will be published by the scientific publisher Frontiers and will highlight both previous and ongoing research related to pain among people with dementia. As of today, there is no international journal that focuses specifically on this topic. 

Issues that will be highlighted include:

  • Impact of physiological brain changes on perception and experience of pain
  • Effective approaches for identifying and quantifying pain in people with dementia and its impact
  • Treatment challenges with over- and under-treatment and non-pharmacological interventions
  • Evidence-based strategies for treatment of pain in dementia, including analgesic and nonpharmacologic interventions
  • Strategies to improve care of people with dementia across care setting and providers
  • Engagement and preparation of family caregivers to support pain care in people with dementia. 

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