Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS)

Husebø and Tranvåg at top meeting about women's health

The government launched six promises for better womens's health on the international women's day 8 March 2019, which promises equally good health care regardless of gender.

Tranvåg speak at top meeting
Tranvåg talks at top meeting
Marte Lund Saga

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UiB researchers Bettina Husebø and Oscar Tranvåg were invited to Trondheim for a top meeting to discuss women's health November 5. From the Norwegian Government, Primeminister Erna Solberg, Minister of Health Bent Høie and The Minister of Culture and Equality Trine Skei Grande, had invited top researchers to discuss different issues regarding women's health. 

Issues that were discussed at this meeting included the fact that women often live longer than men, but more frequently suffer from diseases. The government's report also pointed out that women suffer from different diseases than men, and that disease that more often 

Centre leader at Centre for elderly and Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS), Bettina Husebø, says that it it necessary with an increased focus on also the care burden on informal care givers, often daughters, when it comes to caring for eldrely with dementia. 

The meeting agreed on that we need more research based knowledge about women's health, and that this is important for gender equality in Norway, and also internationally.