Centre for Interprofessional Work-Place Learning

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Work-Place Learning in Primary Care (T​VEPS) is training final year health profession students in clinical work-place teamwork for the benefit of patients, students and the work-place staff. The Centre focuses on interdisciplinary training of the health profession students when they have placement periods in the local communities. Representatives from the schools of medicine, dentistry and dental hygiene, manual therapy, physiotherapy, nursing and midwifery, pharmacy, music therapy and nutrition are collaborating on giving the training.

There is a clear expectation that universities and university colleges educate professional personnel in the competencies that the national and local health services need. A lot of the workload in today’s health services is team-based, and health profession students must be trained in interdisciplinary teamwork. We regard health professional training as a mutual responsibility for institutions, departments and educational programs.