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TVEPS - Centre for Interdisciplinary Work-Place Learning focuses on interdisciplinary training of students involved; medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing, pharmacy, music therapy, nutrition, biomedical laboratory scientist, social educator, psychology, speach and language pathology and more. 

Its21 conference 2023
Bilde av Bergen i fugleperspektiv

Interdisciplinarity and sustainability for a better future

The Its21 conference is an important step towards creating a more sustainable future, focusing on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainable development in education and the workplace. We welcome you to this year's event on April 27-28, 2023!

Ole Alexander Bakkevik, Elisabeth Tran og Lars Birger Bergmål i Medretur

TVEPS collaboration became a Startup

Students Ole Alexander and Elizabeth met in TVEPS. This was the start of further collaboration and the development of a sustainable solution for the return of medications.

Its21 conference 2023
Logo ITS21-konferansen

Conference program Its21

The 7th conference on interdisciplinary teamwork skills for the 21st century in Bergen, Norway on 27th-28th April 2023.

TVEPS-gruppe bærekraft Øygarden

Collaborating Across Disciplines for Sustainability

What is needed for Øygarden medical center (LMS) to achieve the UN´s sustainability goals? During the fall of 2020, an interdisciplinary student group received a slightly different TVEPS practice.