Centre for Interprofessional Workplace Learning


The mission of the TVEPS Research Subgroup is to elucidate the training activity in TVEPS as an intrinsic part of TVEPS’s evaluation system

Main content

Available data and outcomes are used for quality improvement and are written up for publishing in international peer reviewed journals. One main research theme has been to elucidate aspects of the students’ self-reported learning, using qualitative methods. The Subgroup for research will also elucidate aspects of the students’ learning while participating in our training, and one project aims on developing an instrument for assessing students’ learning in interdisciplinary teams, based partly on the students’ self reflections on learning.  

Results have been presented internationally at relevant congresses on education. The group wishes to encourage student research and has recruited two medical students as part of the research team. Two pharmacy students have presented TVEPS at a national pharmacy conference.