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The 7th conference on interdisciplinary teamwork skills for the 21st century in Bergen, Norway on 27th-28th April 2023.

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Wednesday 26th of April 

Pre-conference get-together from 19:00 at the venue; Grand Hotel Terminus

Thursday 27th of April

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Welcome and opening of the conference - Ane Johannessen


KEYNOTE - Creating an Interprofessional Protopian Future by Asking Uncomfortable Questions

Barbara Fifield Brandt, Founding Director, National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. Professor, Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota 


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Session #1 (parallel) Transition to worklife - Terminus Hall // Chair: Liv Marit Kleppe

  • 1A: Developing interprofessional mindsets and future work life through collaboration between industry and university. Helen Jøsok Gansmo
  • 1B: «Practice placement as a door-opener to the job market» - Music therapy student’s reflections on the value of practice placement. Viggo Krüger (et al.)
  • 1C: Power dynamics and interprofessional collaboration: How do community pharmacists position general practitioners, and how do general practitioners position themselves? Hilde Rakvaag (et al.)

Session #2 (parallel, workshop) Co-Creator Terminus Forum

Co creator: A learning game about collaborative innovation in the public sector. Anne Merete Bjørnerud // part I


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Session #3 (parallell) E-poster discussions Terminus Hall // Chair: Reidun Lisbet Skeide Kjome

E-posters can be accessed at the bottom of this page

  • 3A: TUR, the council for educational development in Uppsala. Malin Östman
  • 3B: MEST-ERN: Peer-assistedlearning and assessment in clinical placement in nutrition education. Anna Kleppe Moe (et al.)
  • «It takes a village» to develop character - Design opportunities of learning activities to promote the integration of 21st Century Skills in part-time education.Lea Sørensen 

Session #2 (parallell, workshop continued) Co-Creator Terminus Forum

Co creator: A learning game about collaborative innovation in the public sector. Anne Merete Bjørnerud // part II




Session #4 (parallel) Developing interprofessional education, part I (part II on conference day 2) -  Terminus Hall // Chair: Merethe Hustoft

  • 4A: Balancing freedom and structure through gamification in team-based learning: a case from entrepreneurship education. Matthew Lynch (et al.)
  • 4B: Sub-acute simulation scenarios from primary care to train interprofessional collaboration in healthcare education. Lene Lunde (et al.)
  • 4C: Are interprofessional capabilities transferable in early-to-late interprofessional education? Anders Bærheim (et al.)

Session #5 (parallel) Facilitating teamwork - Terminus Forum // Chair: Sissel Johansen Brenna

  • 5A: Supervisors’ Perspectives on Online Interprofessional Supervision: Results from a Mixed-Methods Longitudinal Cross-Sectional Study. Kari Almendingen (et al.)
  • 5B: Coping with uncertainty and ambiguity in real-life practice and student team-centred learning courses: supporting pedagogies, the role of mentoring. Inger Beate Pettersen (et al.)
  • 5C: The relevance of a cooperation agreement at the start of active student groups. Are Holen (et al.)

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Session #6 (interactive panel debate) Developing 21st Century Skills - Terminus Hall // Chair: Lovisa Håkansson

Developing 21st Century Skills for a Sustainable future through Interdisciplinary Education. Inger Beate Pettersen (et al.)




City walk, approx 1,5 h


Conference dinner at the venue

Friday 28th of April

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KEYNOTE - Inequality: the enemy between us

Richard Wilkinson (online), Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology. Founder of The Equality Trust


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Session #7 (parallel) Internships and entrepreneurship educationTerminus Hall // Chair: Inger Beate Pettersen

  • 7A: Learning in Engineering education through open-ended problems. Nora Geirsdotter Bækkelund (et al.)
  • 7B: Interdisciplinary collaboration in small and medium sized enterprises. Jesper Klintrup Nielsen (et al.)
  • 7C: Exploring students' contribution in an internship course - the company perspective of having student interns. Judith Johnstad Bragelien (et al.)

Session #8 (parallel) Developing interprofessional education (part II) - Terminus Forum // Chair: Anders Bærheim

  • 8A: Teaching philosophy of science in interdisciplinary teams. Jesper Kruse
  • 8B: Crossing boundaries – Student-led interdisciplinarity at CEMUS. Malin Östman
  • 8C: The significance of the curricula in developing and delivering Interprofessional Education. Hilde Wøien (et al.)

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Session #9 Teamwork learning for better healthcare - Terminus Forum // Chair: Merethe Hustoft

  • 9A: InterPlanung – Student-lead interprofessional treatment planning for the outpatient care of the future. Kevin Schultz (et al.)
  • 9B: The patient role in interprofessional clinical placements–a call for a shift in focus in IPE? Catrine Buck Jensen (et al.)
  • 9C: Development and evaluation of an interprofessional tandem summer school on depression for pharmacy and medical students. Maike Petersen (et al.)

Session #10 Online teamwork learning - Terminus Hall // Chair: Lovisa Håkansson

  • 10A: «It Enables Us to Reflect More on Nutrition»: A Mixed Methods Cross-Sectional Study on Preclinical Digital Training in Nurse Education. Kari Almendingen (et al.)
  • 10B: Stellenbosch University’s hybrid community model. Jethro Georgiades (et al.)
  • 10C: Transformation from Blended to Online Learning: A Four-Year Longitudinal Cross-Sectional Interprofessional Study. Kari Almendingen (et al.)



Session #11 (parallel) How to develop high-quality internship programs (...) - Terminus Forum

How to develop high-quality internship programs in innovation and entrepreneurship? Learning lessons from educators. Judit Johnstad Bragelien (et al.) // interactive panel debate

Session #12 (parallel) Collaboration for sustainability Terminus Hall // Chair: Håvard Haarstad

  • 12A: Developing sustainable mindset in an interprofessional learning context. Anne Helen Jacobsen (et al.)
  • 12B: Implementing Green Economy and App Development in SDG courses. Mario Blázquez (et al.)
  • 12C: Implementing an interdisciplinary project course across the university: The case of ‘Innovation in Teams’. Thomas Christian Espenes (et al.)

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Session #13 TVEPS anniversary session (interactive panel debate) - Terminus Hall // Chair: Merethe Hustoft


Final comments and end