Centre for Interprofessional Workplace Learning

Background for mandatory TVEPS

A joint effort to strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration skills of health and social science students.

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To provide the best possible service to recipients of health and care services, those who provides such services must have insight into each others competence and be able to collaborate across professions, sectors, and levels. TVEPS gives students the opportunity to practice interprofessional collaboration in real work situations.

TVEPS is is established in collaboration between the University of Bergen (UiB) and the Western University of Applied Science (HVL) with the municipalities of Bergen and Øygarden as participating partners. The goal is to prepare students for interdisciplinary collaboration in their future careers.  

Common framework for health- and social science educations 

The background for mandatory TVEPS is the Ministry of Education and Research new regulation on common framework for health and social science educations, adopted in 2017. This includes interprofessional collaboration as one of the 12 mandatory learning outcomes that students must be able to demonstrate after completing their studies. Regulation on a common framework for health and social science education § 2. Common learning outcome, point 4: (…) can interact both interdisciplinary, interprofessionally, cross-sectorally, and across organizations and levels, and initiate such interaction.

UiB and HVL have joined forces to fulfill the requirements of the regulations by providing students with TVEPS practice. In the fall of 2018, the cooperation agreement on mandatory TVEPS was officially signed. 

The parties covered by the agreement

  • The Faculty of Medicine, UiB 
  • The Faculty of Psychology, UiB
  • The Faculty of Law, UiB 
  • The Faculty of Art, Music and Design, UiB 
  • The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHS), HVL 
  • The Faculty of Teacher Education, Culture and Sport (FLKI), HVL 
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science (FIM), HVL

Students UiB: psychology, medicine, pharmacy, odontology, dentistry, speech therapy, music therapy, nutrition

Students, HVL: nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing care, social work and bioengineering

In addition, TVEPS practice will be possible to choose for students in law at UiB and for students in health nursing and preschool teacher education at HVL. Students from other fields can be included where there are relevant practice arenas. 


  • Bergen  
  • Øygarden