Centre for International Health

Studenter som drikker kaffe utenfor SV-fakultetet

CIH’s research, teaching and capacity building in global health will contribute to improved health in the poorer countries of the world. CIH will educate the best students in Global Health.

CIH is situated in Overlege Danielsens House, Årstadveien 21.

CIH collaborates with partners at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care and the Faculty of Medicine as well as across Departments and Faculties at the University of Bergen (UiB), and at many other national and international institutions. CIH is responsible for Global Challenges, one of three of UiB's cross-Faculty strategic focus areas. 

CIH hosts the Secretariats for the Norwegian Global Health Forum and the Global Health Norway. It also hosts a Centre of Excellence, the Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (CISMAC).

job announcement
CIH staff

Position open: Professor - Associate Professor of Medicine in Global Health

There is a permanent full-time position (100%) as Professor of Medicine (Global Health) open at the University of Bergen, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, Centre for International Health. If there are no qualified applicants for the Professor position, candidates will also be...

PhD Candidates
Ingrid Nordeide Kuiper

Ingrid Nordeide Kuiper: Air Pollution – a Major Public Health Threat

PhD Candidate Ingrid Nordeide Kuiper examines the lung health effects of air pollution and greenness - over time and across generations.

Research coordinator Linn Knudsen in conversation with the expert panel

Explaining global health priorities

GHP kicking of Day Zero at the SDG 2019 conference with the "Global health priorities explained" seminar.

international study
Ugandan News

International study in the Ugandan News

The study involves researchers from Norway, England and Uganda. It will investigate how relatively simple measures relating to hand hygiene can help to prevent newborn infections in Uganda.

PhD Candidates
Temsunaro Rongsen-Chandola administering an oral rotavirus vaccine in India

Temsunaro Rongsen-Chandola: Rotavirus Vaccines in India

Temsunaro Rongsen-Chandola’s research involved a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial in India testing a live oral rotavirus vaccine in newborns (at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age).