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The Global mental health research group 
is a national research group hosted by
the following institutions at University of Bergen: 
Centre for International Health and Centre for Crisis Psychology.


We aim to build competencies in global mental through research and training. Our focus is the Sustainable Development Goals SDG 3.4 and 3.5 focusing on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing throughout the life span. Our interests are in line with several global and national strategies. The current strategy from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Ministry of Health and Care services has now embraced global health in their strategy: “Bedre helse, bedre liv” 2020-2024 (Eng. Better health, better lives). Norway's  International Development Strategy on Combating Non-Communicable Diseases includes mental health. The WHO Mental health action plan 2013–2020 has been extended to 2030. One of the four objectives of the action plan is to strengthen information systems, evidence and research for mental health.

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Research publication
Nature screen shot

PROMISE consortium published in Nature

The PROMISE consortium has published the results of their long-term study showing similar long-term clinical outcomes from early use of two different HIV prophylactic drugs in Nature.

ECTMIH2021 Track 7

Global mental health at the 12th European Congress On Tropical Medicine and International Health

This year’s ECTMIH congress acknowledged the reality of the slogan “No health without mental health” by having a separate track on global mental health. We do encourage coming congresses to take this further and integrate more critical views and perspectives from users and civil society.

Master students
group discussion in Buikwe, Uganda

Master students are valuable Research Group members

For Master students, being a part of a Research Group can be an important career starting point. It can be an instant networking opportunity, with ripple effects extending through the networks of all the group members. The experience also provides students with support for their research and studies.


GMHRG are contributing to the 12th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH2021)

A joint GMHRG initiative has led to the 7th track on Mental health and health promotion – the first of its kind in the ECTMIH history.

Alrek-days 2021

GMHRG are contributing to the Alrek-days 2021

Alrek-days 2021: "Forskning for folk, med folk, til folk»