Global mental health

The Global mental health research group aims to build strong research competence in global mental health and global child and adolescent development and mental health. The group consists of senior scientists, clinicians and PhD/Master candidates.  The group established monthly meetings in December 2014.


The group leader is Ingunn Marie S. Engebretsen


Global mental health research group present at the 10th ECTMIH

The Global Mental Health research group was present at the 10th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health (ECTMIH), in Antwerp, Belgium.

Summer course

Mental health and child development in societies of change

One of the courses in the Bergen Summer Research School was arranged by the global mental health research group.


'Small Fish and Food Security' workshop

For the first time the potential of small fish to reach the sustainable development goals was discussed across disciplines, with a case focus on Ghana.

Congress symposium

Neurodevelopment and mental health of children

In early October the Research Group for Global Mental Health at CIH attended the 15th Congress of the International Federation for Psychiatric Epidemiology and hosted one of the symposia.

Selected work from the group members:

From the Globvac conference 17-18 March 2015, Oslo:


Health managers By Angela Akol. PDF

Health providers By Angela Akol. PDF

Are mental health problems in children being neglected? By Vilde Skylstad. PDF



Activities in the wider world in the area of migration. David Sam. PDF

Validation of questionnaires, with emphasis on the SDQ. Bjarne Sanne. PDF

Validation of questionnaires, with emphasis on the SDQ (text). Bjarte Sanne. PDF

Use of screening tool in Africa. Esperance Kashala Abotnes. PDF

Brenner for global helseforskning  Interview with I. Engebretsen