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Virus Covid 19

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Møllendalsbakken 9, 3rd floor
5009 Bergen

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Centre for crisis psychology
University of Bergen
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5020 Bergen

Telephone: 55 58 46 82
E-mail: sfkp@uib.no

Jarle Eid, May Hauken og Arne Magnus Morken

Kick off for the course "Pandemic and crisis psychology"

This week, the Centre for crisis psychology initiated a new continued educational course focusing on human aspects of the pandemic. The course runs over six weeks and was fully booked within days. A second course is will take place later this fall.

When the well is empty
Tuva Emilie Øyslebø

When the well is empty

Climate change is expected to occur more frequently and more extremely in years to come. The purpose of Tuva Emilie's project was to investigate the psychological effects of climate change and to gain insight into how the population understands a crisis situation, how they experience the...

Global mental health
Ragnhild Dybdahl og Unni M. Heltne

The Centre initiating a course in global mental health

A comprehensive course in global mental health started for the first time on Monday 17th of August at the Faculty of Psychology.