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Virus Covid 19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a number of measures to limit the spread and infection to vulnerable groups. At the University of Bergen and the Centre for Crisis Psychology, we follow up our students, fellows and partners through online and virtual meetings. You will find updated information on UiB's website.

We recommend The Lancet for those who want to follow research-based information on covid-19. For updated information on spread and health measures visit The Norwegian Directorate of Health and WHO’s website.

Being young during the Coronavirus lockdown

How Nepalese psychology students are mobilized in facing the ongoing crisis

Burial in times of a pandemic

Global challenges and assitance during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to ease fear and pondering

Looking after employees working at home

Social needs
Two youths sitting on a beach

Being young during the coronavirus lockdown

The social needs of people are almost in line with the needs of food and drink. We are totally dependent on human contact. Young people maybe more than others.

Burial in times of Corona
Familie ved gravsted

Burial in times of a pandemic

These days, we must constantly adapt to new situations and new ways to interact. We humans are adaptable and in many cases, we will do just fine. However, in some situations it will require more of us.

Global challenges
Marked i Dongola, Sudan

Global challenges and assitance during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the pandemic seems to be about to hit the poorest countries and refugees, an increasing number of people will be affected by infection, disease, and the financial problems following the virus containment procedures. A large number of people around the world are at risk of suffering the...

Advice to self-help
Illustrasjonsbilde selvhjelp

How to ease fear and pondering

What can ease fear and pondering when we are flooded by information about dangers and risks we cannot influence much?

Home office and quarantine

Looking after employees working at home, in quarantine or self-isolating

A large number of employees are currently working at home. They have either been stopped from going to work in order to prevent infection, or they are in quarantine or self-isolating in order to avoid infecting others. For some people this situation is normal and many people like working at home,...