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Balancing roles: Teaching staff’s dilemma in supporting bereaved college students

Martin Lytje and Atle Dyregrov has published an article in "Death Studies." The study examines the challenges faced by teaching staff in supporting bereaved college students.

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The three-year study was conducted in Danish colleges, involving focus groups and 1-on-1 interviews with 18 teachers from five collaborating colleges, situated in all main regions of Denmark. The research aimed to understand the role of college teaching staff in providing support during critical illness and death. Findings reveal an absence of clear structures, leaving teaching staff uncertain about their responsibilities. Challenges include inconsistent engagement, difficulty identifying bereaved students, and the need for more time, support structures, and training. Clear guidelines are essential to empower teaching staff in effectively assisting bereaved students. Providing support, resources, and training will enhance student well-being and enable teachers to fulfill their support roles confidently.

The article is published in Death Studies