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Possibility of Internships in Global Health

Students taking CIH’s Master in Global Health may opt to take an internship in their second year.

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CIH’s new Master in Global Health programme is now offering students a choice in their second year. They may either elect to write a 60 ECTS thesis, or a 30 ECTS thesis plus a 30 ECTS internship. Learn more about the programme.

Having the possibility of undertaking an internship gives students practical experiences in global health situations, as they participate in the daily activities of a public health related host institution or organisation, that are engaged in activities related to global challenges.

The internship option is new. Currently, it is the students themselves who are responsible for identifying a suitable internship host. CIH staff will support them where they can in this process.


Before the candidate can start the internship period, the host institution and CIH / UiB, must sign a written agreement.

Internship possibilities:

CUAMM - Doctors with Africa

CUAMM- Doctors with Africa (pays the housing)

IRD Global

IRD Global is a global health delivery and research organization headquartered in Singapore. Founded in Karachi, Pakistan in 2004, today IRD has an established presence in 9 countries across Africa and Asia, including South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, U.A.E, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The IRD team is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable communities by building a network that shares ideas and innovations to create global impact. We work with marginalized communities that cannot access care due to centralized models of health delivery. In leveraging process and technology innovations to address global health delivery gaps, IRD successfully develops and implements scalable, cost effective and evidence based high-impact solutions.

We are committed to equity in all forms, especially gender equality. Our inclusive practices are evident in all tiers of the organization, from the field workforce to governance.

Intern with us:

The internship opportunities at IRD offers experiential learning in global health to university students and can also serve as a launching pad for enjoying different flavors of public health program. Interns will always be encouraged to bring new ideas, perspectives, and methodologies to bring improvements in project implementation. 

Don’t be surprised if you’re not given your job description, our collaborative internship opportunities allow students to design their own job description in coordination with assigned supervisor.

How can I apply for internship?

All interested applicants from medical/health management disciplines are requested to visit our website (www.ird.global) to find about IRD programs and send resume at hr.ghr@ird.global. Contact Professor Tehmina Mustafa at CIH for further information and possibility for travel grants through the NORPART project

Please mention the program of your interest in the subject line.

South Africa

CIH has an internship project together with Faculty of Psychology, and can offer a few students internship at the University of Kwazulu-Natal (ZA-UKZN), School of Nursing and Public Health and HEARD, a division of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa, working to advance health equity in Africa. There is funding to help 4 students with an internship in 2022.

University of Limpopo, South Africa

University of Bergen, Centre for International Health (CIH) and University of Limpopo, South Africa (UoL) has an agreement about Master’s students having a possibility to have internship in global health at UoL. There is no funding connected to the agreement. Contact CIH director if you are interested: bente.moen@uib.no

Save the Children in Oslo and in Bergen

Save the Children cannot guarantee that they can offer internships every year, but they are open to accepting students when they have a need for interns. Please contact course coordinator Ana Lorena Ruano (ana.lorena.ruano@uib.no) if you are interested.

Doctors without borders (MSF)*

CIH has an agreement with MSF where recruited field staff will have the opportunity to have their internship as a field assignment. For more information about the specificities in the agreement, please contact your Development Advisor in your contracting MSF section.