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SAFE (secure access to research data and e-infrastructure)

At the IT-department at the University of Bergen, we have developed a solution for secure processing of sensitive personal data in research, SAFE. SAFE is based on “Norwegian Code of conduct for information security in the health and care sector” (Normen) and ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability are preserved when processing sensitive personal date. Through SAFE, the IT-department offers a service where employees, students and external partners get access to dedicated resources for processing of sensitive personal data.

IT UiB | SAFE - Sikker Adgang til Forskningsdata og E-infrastruktur


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The SAFE team will set up a secure desktop based on the information from the project manager and install relevant software. A suitable data share is set up with security settings provided by the project manager. At this point, the project manager will have access and can start transferring data to SAFE.

The access document is only available for the project manager and contains authoritative information on all users in the project, including name, user-id, cell phone number, and access level. To initiate a change in access, the project manager updates the access document and creates an issue in our ticketing system. Access to SAFE requires a University of Bergen computer account. However, each department have approvers who can create external accounts for partners if needed.

For details on SAFE, se the documents referenced to the right.

If you need a document describing SAFE to evaluate if SAFE is appropriate for your use, you can download a pdf describing SAFE here.