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Week 46

Today 16th November (2)

Trial lecture: Alemayehu Hailu (Trial lecture)
Disputation: Alemayehu Hailu (Disputation)

Week 47

Tuesday 20th November (1)

Multi-Resistant Bacteria and the Future of Antibiotics (Event)

23rd November (1)

Causal inference in observational studies? New designs and analytical methods in public health research (Seminar)

Week 48

26th November (1)

Launch: Women in Global Health Norway (Event)

28th November (1)

Global Mental Health Day 2018: Perinatal Mental Health (Seminar)

Week 50

10th December (1)

From Past to Future (Event)
Registration deadline: 25.11.2018 at​ 23:59

11th December (1)

Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War: Reflections on the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize (Event)