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IGS Administrative Routines and Procedures

UiB has established a number of administrative routines and procedures. Please see below for details.

administrative routines

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Research funding

Here you will find an overview of the most common sources of funding for externally funded research projects

UiB's International Centre (IC)

International Centre UiB is a competence centre for staff and students. Visiting address: Parkveien 1. Opening hours are 11 am - 2 pm Monday-Friday. You may also contact us at international@uib.no

Room booking

The University of Bergen has system for booking of seminar rooms. The system is an integrated part of the university's scheduling system which is called TP. Log in, click "Rombestilling" and book a room here: https://tp.uio.no/uib/.

Read more about room booking here


After the main teaching scheduling is completed, all employees can book available teaching facilities for job meetings etc using the Room booking module in TP. The main teaching scheduling is normally completed by June 1 for the Autumn semester and December 1 for the Spring semester.

Please note that not all teaching facilities are available for booking, and that some rooms are only available to certain faculties/institutes/users.


After the main teaching scheduling is completed, all students can book certain, smaller teaching rooms for student activity using the Room booking module in TP.

The following limitations apply to student booking:

  • Only local rooms (home faculty)
  • Only 2 active bookings
  • Max. 4 hours per booking
  • Max. 10 days ahead

Booking instructions for employees

Orders at IGS

Use this link when you need to order goods and services. Log in here (with Feide. And it’s only in Norwegian, English is coming later):

Click «Jeg vil bestille noe» and then click «Bestille vare/tjeneste» and finally «Bestille vare/tjeneste (IGS)» and fill in the form as before.

All orders, including meetings, posters, printing, copy editing, books. When you have filled in the form with the information needed, click submit and the order form will be sent directly to the orderers at the Department and your order will be placed through the correct systems. 

Travel registration

Please fill out this form before you travel: Travel Registration Form

UiB has a web page with useful information about Assistance Abroad (in Norwegian)

UiB's International Collaborations

Information for International Researchers (both incoming and outgoing)

Invoices to the University of Bergen

Payment for Official Dinners & Tipping

Just a reminder to those paying for official meals: any tips to the serving staff (gratuities) cannot be included on restaurant bills sent to UiB. You may tip them from your personal funds, of course.

Invoices for food for meetings and restaurants visits need to be documented with the context / purpose for the meal and list a of people who attended.

Registration of Sick Leave

NAV has introduced digital sick leave certificates. This system is not yet adapted to large employers like the University of Bergen. Therefore we still require that all employees hand in their sick leave certificate on paper.

Please also note that both Part C and Part D has to be delivered to the University of Bergen, as we will pay wages as normal, and then apply for reimbursement from NAV. Part D should always be filled out and signed before it is delivered to the department.

For questions regarding sick leave contact your manager or HR consultant. (Eli.Selback@uib.no)


Anyone who parks in the University’s parking spaces must have a valid digital parking permit. Parking in reserved spaces also requires a separate digital parking permit which is managed by the unit that has use of the reserved space. Parking inspections of the University’s parking spaces take place 24/7.

You can find more information about the parking scheme at UiB HERE