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IGS Administrative Routines and Procedures

UiB has established a number of administrative routines and procedures. Please see below for details.

administrative routines

UiB's International Centre (IC)

The Centre is manned by staff from UiB's Divisions of Research Administration, Student Affairs and Human Resources. It officially opened 30 August, 2017.
Visiting hours are M-F, 9:00-14:30
Visiting address: Parkveien 1, Studentsenteret
Read  more (in Norwegian)
IC offers services for both students and researchers, and for researchers coming to Bergen/Norway as well as for researchers going on research visits abroad.
The services previously directed towards international researchers coming to Bergen, are now called IR (= International Researchers). This was previously organised under the Service Centre for International Mobility (SIM). More information.

UiB International Student Blog
Bergen's Chamber of Commerce and Industry runs something called: International Network of Norway (INN). UiB is a member, so UiB employees may participate free of charge. They have a Newsletter with INN events and things to do around Bergen.


All purchases must go through an approved purchaser. Framework agreements must be used.

This also includes meetings and conferences in your own city, food for meetings, posters, printing, books, language editing & translation services and more.

Use https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=2623517 or email:  order@igs.uib.no  

All approved purchasers at IGS have access, and will process the orders as quickly as possible.

Personal reimbursements should be avoided, and have to be pre-approved.

You can also find a link to the order form on IGS webpage http://www.uib.no/en/globpub/103659/orders-igs


Beginning autumn 2017, UiB will use a new system for room booking.

Employees can book rooms for meeting etc. here: TP:Rombestilling.

Note that not all rooms are available for booking. Some have limited availability. Teaching has priority for room use.  Learn more.


PARKING Kalfarveien 31

Estate and Facilities Management division (EIA) is in charge of the parking in Kalfarveien. We do not have preassigned parking spots, with exception of guests, Handicap and special needs.

Please contact EIA at ph.no. 55 58 49 00 for any questions.

You can apply for a parking permit here (Norwegian only): https://reg.app.uib.no/parkering/f?p=720:LOGIN_DESKTOP:5062456357201

Access office buildings

Access will be more restricted to the buildings. Only doors monitored will be open during working hours.

It is important that everyone checks that the doors are closed and locked when they leave.

Always in Paviljongen and after hours in the Main building, due some unfortunate episodes last fall.

We are also looking into the possibility of locked main doors during working hours.


The fax number for all of IGS is +47 55 58 61 30.

Please send a PDF of your fax to post@igs.uib.no and it will be forwarded to the recipient as an eFax. Received faxes will go directly to post@igs.uib.no and will be distributed from there.

Regular mail service

All mail out must be ready for pick up by:

               Jussbygg II, Jekteviksbakken 31 – Pick-up 10:15

               Kalfarveien 31 – Pick-up 13:30    


It’s time to start planning your holidays.
The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has set the following deadlines for application for holidays for 2017:


Deadline for request

Fixed holiday

Winter Holiday (week 9)



Easter Holiday (week 15)



Summer holiday (at least 3 weeks between (15.05-15.09)



Autumn Holiday (week 41)



Any leftover Holidays



Applications for Winter Holidays should be sent in PAGA no later than 01.02.2017.
Information about holidays and how to register


Please fill out this form before you travel: Travel Registration Form

UiB has a web page with useful information about Assistance Abroad

UiB's International Collaborations

Information for International Researchers (both incoming and outgoing)


Payment for Official Dinners & Tipping

Just a reminder to those paying for official meals: any tips to the serving staff (gratuities) cannot be included on restaurant bills sent to UiB. You may tip them from your personal funds, of course.

Invoices for food for meetings and restaurants visits need to be documented with the context / purpose for the meal and list a of people who attended.


Registration of Sick Leave

NAV has introduced digital sick leave certificates. This system is not yet adapted to large employers like the University of Bergen. Therefore we still require that all employees hand in their sick leave certificate on paper.

Please also note that both Part C and Part D has to be delivered to the University of Bergen, as we will pay wages as normal, and then apply for reimbursement from NAV. Part D should always be filled out and signed before it is delivered to the department.

For questions regarding sick leave contact your manager or HR consultant. (Anja.Bere@uib.no)