Financial Services

Invoices to the University of Bergen

Invoices to University of Bergen

Norwegian suppliers
Norwegian suppliers has to send electronic invoices and credit notes in EHF-format.

Foreign suppliers
Foreign suppliers should preferably send electronic invoices and credit notes in
EHF-format. Foreign suppliers, who cannot send invoices in EHF-format, can send invoices in PDF-format to E-mail: ap-invoice@uib.no

Invoices must contain complete bank information.

Invoices should be addressed to:
University of Bergen
Invoice office
PO Box 7800

Peppol ID: 0192:874789542
Organization Number: 874 789 542

Marking of invoice
All invoices to UiB must be properly addressed and marked with

  • An purchase order number (PM-number)

Invoices that are incorrectly addressed or inadequately marked will be returned to the supplier.

More detail of required invoice description and marking:
Ordered goods and services shall, in all but exceptional cases, be made via our online purchasing system, Purchase Management (PM). This generates an order number (PMXXXXXXX).
This order number must be applied corresponding invoice.

In cases where the purchase is made outside our standard purchasing system, we ask the supplier about the order and request they provide details of the order.
If a standard order cannot be made (and a purchase order number generated) for the supply, we must provide a six-figure book code for the supplier to quote on the invoice to indicate the unit at UiB to receive and process the invoice.

There are various web invoicing portals that provide solutions for suppliers who do not have an invoicing system that supports the EHF standard. In this way one can send such invoices.

Questions regarding invoice processing and electronic invoice:
• E-mail: ap-invoice@uib.no Note the subject line: "Invoice".