Financial Services

Bilde av kontorbygget i Christiesgt 18

Offices for the financial affairs are located in Christies gt. 18.

For information on invoices to UiB, please refer to this infopage.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, the University of Bergen is closed, and this may create problems for the delivery of goods for some orders.

We ask that you enter into a dialogue with the person who created the order and agree on the further process for the individual order (cancellation, postponement, etc.). Suppliers who supply critical products (such as liquid gases, chemicals and the like) are asked to prioritize these customers and clarify as quickly as possible how possible supply needs can be organized.

UiB's faculties, museums and other units will be staffed to receive critical deliveries. For some units, normal reception will be carried out, but local routines will apply to the actual delivery, as the front doors are closed to outsiders.

So far, it is uncertain when the University will be in full operation again, we will come back with more information when we know more.

Open positions

There are no open positions for this unit at the moment.